ShowBox for iOS

The Showbox app is not limited to androids and PCs but can be used on iOS platforms as well. Fans of iPhones and iPad are going to love this application because it enables you to watch on your favorite device. As it stands now, Showbox for iOS is the most popular of the three types. The process of downloading, installing and using the Showbox application on your iPhone or iPad are covered in this article.

Get Showbox on iPhone and iPad

Two methods are available for one to download and use the Showbox app on iOS. The first technique involves using vShare, and the first step is to search for and install it on the iOS platform. The most important step of preparation is to jailbreak the iOS system to use the vShare app correctly. Ensure that you add vShare as a trusted application thus facilitating the completion of the installation process. In the app, search for Showbox and install it as well. A wizard detailing simple steps will pop up, and the final step entails following them to the latter.

Alternatively, you can use your iPhone directly without the need for third-party software like vShare. Simply download the iPa file of ShowBox from the iOS browser and open it. Open the iPa file and select install directly on your iOS device. After a few seconds, finish the process and enjoy the free movies online.

Features of Showbox on iOS

  • The greatest advantage of Showbox on iOS is that it is light and quite easy to use. It is also free for everyone to use as long as you have an iPhone or iPad.

  • It also collects a vast collection of movies, series and TV shows that can be accessed for free. The application’s search capabilities are impressive and can assist users to identify their favorite shows with ease.

  • An effective download system that allows users to watch their movies offline for free. Furthermore, one single video has multiple links each with a defining quality giving users a variety of options in case of challenges with using the highest. You can also switch from one quality to another with ease.

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