Downloading Showbox for your Windows PC has never been so simple, I guess you are here because the official site gives no support and asks you to install other apps in order to get it to work. This is where we are different, installing Showbox with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3! nothing else is required apart from the one Showbox app!


Follow these three steps and you will be watching all your movies and TV shows in just a few moments. Make sure you are visiting this page coming from a Windows computer either using IE, Chrome, or Firefox, any browser should work but we recommend using them. Click the “Download ShowBox For Windows” button to begin the process.


After you have clicked the download button our system will run some checks on your IP to check for spam, if detected you will have to complete a short survey to prove that you are human, don’t worry out system sometimes detects false positives. At the end of the day this system is put into place to protect out site.


If you was asked to complete a survey please fully complete it in order for your download to start, if you was not prompt to complete a survey your download should start immediately after clicking the button. Once downloaded open the executable and voila, you are ready to start watching all your movies and TV shows in super HD!

Why surveys?

If your IP was flagged and you are asked to complete a survey do not worry these surveys are put in place to protect our site from bots and spam, without these surveys our site probably wouldn’t be around. On rare occasions our system can sometimes detect false positives, if this is the case please complete the survey as it should only take a few moments which is much quicker than contacting us.